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Planetary Change Makers! 

We are creating empowered ecosystems for the greater good by offering sustainable solutions for humanity through alignments between innovators
and investors to deploy these necessary solutions, now. 

Do you work for yourself or do you work for the planet?

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Our Manifesto

The World is calling for immediate collaboration of integral leaders and innovators to create solutions for the highest good of humanity with the greatest positive impact for our Planet.

We are not meant to do anything alone. Creating a harmonic and healthy Planet requires people coming together and joining forces with a single vision of doing conscious business. Impactful influencers like you are the catalysts to bring this mission into reality.

What role do you play in this mission? Are you an Innovator, Investor or Matchmaker?

How we serve the world

We of FreeFlow Nation have come together as changemakers to create a better world for humanity and we require your help to deliver these conscious living systems for the Planet.

We stand for equality, sustainability and sovereignty for all.

As Matchmakers we believe that the Planet will thrive through the intrinsic collaborations we facilitate in order to reveal these necessary solutions for humanity and Nature through our integral business culture.

The time is now for us to embrace and create holistic and unified solutions that serve the highest good for our planet and all life.

the new roi is
return on impact

We facilitate global collaborations between integral investors to share and use the most innovative solutions that create the greatest impact, right now.


Entrepreneurs of our World have always been the internal pulse or inspiration to new solutions.

As the Inventors and Innovators of the conscious collective, they develop the necessary technologies and solutions to bring the evolution of our new paradigm.It’s time to act now, not tomorrow.

Joining forces will enable us to support innovations, implement conscious technologies and create a conscious community together, thereby creating the new, balanced society and planet.


Influencers are conscious bridge builders between the Innovators and the Investors of an aware community supporting the new planet.

In addition to our core values, what matters most now is taking action to direct our experience and resources for sustainable solutions.

The collective approach will enable efficient connections, effective resource integrations, and sustainable growth to happen, for the highest good.


Conscious investors are the synergists of the new planetary systems, by providing financial means as the necessary foundations for conscious technologies and solutions to thrive.

Impact investors are the catalysts to manifest the creation and implementation of these conscious technological solutions.

The relevance to drive our best resources to the right projects are of utmost importance in order to bring the necessary actions in time and collaborate for a unified mission, now.

We look forward to connecting with you!

some of our IMPACT projects

ThreeFold Network is building a green and responsible peer-to-peer Internet that is available everywhere and owned by everyone, across all geographical and cultural borders. An internet that empowers people to be digitally independent and provides equal chances to learn, partake and succeed.



A collective ecosystem of
planet and human centric projects


The citizens of FreeFlow Nation believe the world needs a new nation, a global complementary digital nation. A nation to complement rather than replace the existing ones, this is a nation which has no physical boundaries and welcomes everyone as a digital citizen.

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Experience Matters 

Incubaid is an incubator focused primarily on helping to change our planet for the better through technology that supports decentralization. Nineteen years implementing technology with seven successful exits offers the wisdom of experience to lead the future of innovation. 


Who are Matchmakers 

Matchmakers are aware of the world’s challenges that require immediate solutions and are inspired to fulfil the needs by aligning significant partnerships and synergistic alliances because they live with the honourable responsibility to take conscious action for the betterment of all.

Therefore, Matchmakers connect their network of investors with aligned innovators who desire to be agents of positive change and bridge their influential resources to conscious technologies, products and impact projects that provide balance, harmony and health in order to create a prosperous and thriving Global Society.

Here’s how you can join the mission as an Influential MatchMaker.


Kristof De Spiegeleer


Owen Kemp


Dave De Belder


Lawrence Bloom


Andreas Hartl


Isabelle Peeters


Anna Allen


Adnan Fatayerji


Brooks Cole


Arie Ben David


Justin Snyder


Jennifer Long


David Wilcock


Alan Laubsch


Markus Lehto

... many more Alliance for a
Internet change makers

Are you a matchmaker?

Be part of a conscious community of influencers that work for the planet and for the greatest good. Contact us today!